Four Shillings Short

First concert of the 2014-2015 Summit Music and Arts Concert Series. A "Friend of Summit Music and Arts" is entitled to free admission to all series concerts (look under "DONATE" to see a list of benefits). Children under 17 are FREE. The international duo Four Shillings Short from California will present an evening of Celtic, Folk & World music on a fantastic array of world instruments (over 30) including hammered & mountain dulcimers, Medieval & Renaissance woodwinds, mandolins, the Sitar from North India, tinwhistles & recorders, Andean Charango, Medieval bowed psaltery, banjo, guitar, Chinese Erhu, percussion, vocals and even a Krumhorn. Four Shillings Short visited Summit Middle School recently and performed, discussed and demonstrated various instruments and answered questions from the children.

  • Sunday, Oct 05, 2014
  • 4:00PM
  • Lord of the Mountains Lutheran Church, Dillon, CO 80435